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You ever find yourself browsing books online, and then you end up with a crappy read? Want something that's verified pro quality SFF?

This giveaway includes ONLY Codex writers, who must have at least one pro sale as qualified by the Science Fiction Writers of America. So get your superheroes and fairies, your swords and spaceships--from the elite Codex writers below.

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Invasion Survivor
hayley lawson
Rise the Renegade: A Rork Sollix Space Opera...
George Donnelly
Until She Wakes
Filamena Young
Super Secret Space Mission
Chris Lowry
Dialogues with Talking Heads
James Beamon
Aaron Hodges
The Wave Speaker
J.S. Bangs
Exposure at Dejima: A Tiger Lily Short Story
K. Bird Lincoln
Object of my Protection
Odessa Black
Fallen to Grace
AJ Flowers
WonderStories Award-Winning Scifi Short Stori...
C Stuart Hardwick
The Singer and the Charlatan
DC Fergerson
Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
Erik Wecks
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Vol.1) (SA...
Thomas K. Carpenter
The Future Chronicles Created by Samuel Peral...
Discover Sci-Fi
City of Masks
Mike Reeves-McMillan
City of Skies
Farah Cook
Riley Russell
The Ancestor
L.J. Suarez
Origins - A Guardian Anthology
Jen Finelli
Comics Character Kills His Author!
Jen Finelli