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The Future Chronicles Created by Samuel Peral...
Discover Sci-Fi
Pure Dark: To Kill A Predator
Andrew Mackay
John Patrick Gallagher
Only The Dead Don't Die
The Spirit Box
Lee Isserow
Night Goddess (The Goddess Prophecies Book 1)...
Araya Evermore
Salvation's Dawn
Joe Jackson
Devyn Jayse
hayley lawson
City of Skies
Farah Cook
Aaron Hodges
Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
If There Be Giants [preview]・The Watchers Boo...
Ellison Blackburn
Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Versi...
Melinda Kucsera
Afflicted: Patient Zero
Derek Shupert
Sundown Apocalypse 4: Desert Strike
Leo Nix
LEGACY (The Biodome Chronicles #1), Chapters...
Jesikah Sundin
Vermin 2.0
Lee Gabel
KYMIERA: PURITY (Season 1, Episode 1)
Steve Turnbull
The Librarian - A First Contact Story | A Sam...
M.N. Arzu
Purgatory of the Werewolf - Book 2 of The Wol...
Brian Ference
Binding Curse
T.F. Walsh
Stolen Ink Sample (Ink Born 1)
Holly Evans
Spaceship Broken
Russell Nohelty
Crescendo! An Austerley & Kirkgordon Adventur...
G R Jordan
The First Ball
Andi Lawrencovna
Freshmen (The Felix Chronicles Book 1)
R.T. Lowe
Tantamount [short story]
Ellison Blackburn
New Orleans Magic
JL Hendricks
Marina Epley
Flash Back [preview]・The Fountain Book One
Ellison Blackburn
Matthew Mather
Fireborn - Book 1 in the Fireborn Series
L J Clarkson
If There Be Giants [preview]・The Watchers Boo...
Ellison Blackburn
The Land Between Life and Death - sample
daniel robledo
Curse of the Crugmut
Chris Turner
Dragon Lords
Chris Turner
Amber Sky: A Dark Sky Prequel Novella
Amy Braun
Autumn Dark
Sean Seebach
Echo Effect
Robert Armstrong
The Neon Amazon Sample
Eugene Kirk
Dark Minds
Stuart Byng
Awakening: Book 1 - “The Forever Winter Chron...
KM Fortune
The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned...
Brian Ference
Amaskan's Blood
Raven Oak
Enchantress of Rurne
Chris Turner
Hero in a Halfling
William Tyler Davis
[Preview] Freeze: Science Fantasy Novelette (...
Green&Silver Publishing
The Cost of Survival: Book 01 of the Genesis...
J. L. Stowers
Retaliation (The Mind Breaker Book 2)
Marina Epley
King Cage and the Worth Street Djinni (King C...
Mike Stop Continues
Cobblestone Publications
James: Witch-Hunter
K.S. Marsden
Underneath - A Merfolk Tale | A Sample
M.N. Arzu
This Body Won't Break
Lea McKee
Ira Heinichen
Nighthawks: Children of Nostradamus
Jeremy Flagg
Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
The Paladin Free Preview Sample
F. F. John
In the Shadow of the Rook
JDL Rosell
Perilous Ping (a junior novel of retropunk tr...
William J. Jackson