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Crescendo! An Austerley & Kirkgordon Adventur...
G R Jordan
Star Flame
Yvonne Carder
A Twisted Past: The Chosen Chronicles Prequel
K.A. Parkinson
Succubus in Seattle
J.R. Thorn
The Five Warriors (The Four Worlds Series Boo...
Angela J. Ford
Fallen to Grace
AJ Flowers
Illusional Reality book 1 & 2 excerpts
The Dragonslayer's Sword
Resa Nelson
Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl
A.J. Antony
A Thief's Fortune
Bobby Fisher
Evanescent A broken Novel
carlyle labuschagne
Discern, Mosaic Chronicles Book One
Andrea Pearson
Franken White
Carly Marino
The Isk Rider of Bazuur
Chris Turner
The Razvak Hunter
Arel B. Grant
Miist (Book One of The Bone Grit Historeum)
Kamilla Reid
Aaron Hodges
Land of the Free (Sneak Preview)
Michael W. Huard
Lucifer's Fall
AJ Flowers
The Finder of the Lucky Devil
Megan Mackie
The Beginning- Breath of War
R. Malak
Salvation's Dawn
Joe Jackson
The Awakening
Stephanie BwaBwa
Sorceress Awakening
Lisa Smeaton
Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6)
Renee Scattergood
Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Versi...
Melinda Kucsera
The Clay Queen
Ono Ekeh