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Avon Calling! (Episode #1) "A Woman's Work i...
Hayley Camille
The Sleepwalker Legacy: A Gripping Financial...
Christopher Hepworth
Love on the Run
Dean C. Moore
The Empress Holds The Key: A historical myste...
Gabriel Farago
Dragon Lords
Chris Turner
Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
King of the Bootleggers
Eugene Lloyd MacRae
Blood Obsession
R.L. Dunn
Trapped - A Thriller Mystery
Mark Duff
Midnight Angel
John Pirillo
Jack McSporran
Paid In Full
Mark J Newman
The Amendment Killer
Ronald S Barak
Diamonds and Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #1 (A Co...
Micheal Maxwell
Murder is a Tricky Business
Phillip Strang
Cocktails and Thrills
Niyati Mavinkurve
Dark Remnants
Liesel K. Hill
Texas Troubles
Neven Carr
White Rabbit: A short Wonderland Story
Russell Nohelty
Aftermath - A James Stone Novella
Robert Clark
Stone Groove (Dale Conley Thrillers Book 1)
Erik Carter
The Fixer
Mike Gomes
Tap Doubt
Duane Lindsay
No Rest For The Wicked
James Harper
The Copper Casket
DF Doran
Man of God
Gregg Bell
David Callinan
The Knowing-Awake in the Dark
Nita Lapinski