Fionn Jameson

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Kissing Darkness

W‎illa hunts demons.

Gabriel is one.

What should’ve been easy turns out to be…less so as the hunter meets the hunted in a dangerous game of seduction and redemption.

KISSING DARKNESS is a 10k steamy short story set in the Centennial City universe. It was previously published in Evernight Publishing’s Halloween Anthology “Midnight Seduction.”



Dark Moon Rising - Sample

The past has finally caught up with Tanith, and as always, her history includes a tangled web of dark lies … lies that have damaged her relationship with her best friend, the powerful but human witch Jamison, potentially beyond repair. Though she did it all to save him, the fact that she has now sold both her own and Jamison’s soul to a fallen angel—and demon lord—is a betrayal he can’t forgive. With no one to watch her back and Seir controlling her every move, Tanith is now buried deeper than ever before.

But the recent past isn’t the only thing that’s back to haunt Tanith. Joshua Miller, a man she met, loved, and mourned during the American Revolution, suddenly turns up on her doorstep, determined to win her heart anew.