Lucia Ashta

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Mowab Rider

I’ll go anywhere to find Princess Ilara. Even to the Wilds—where people disappear and don’t come back. The rebels are resisting King Oderon’s rule. I don’t blame them, I’d resist too if I could get away with it. But the rebels don’t know that. They’ll kill me and never ask questions. Especially now that they’re united by a rebel who can tame the mowabs, the fiercest animals of all Origins. Anyone who can ride mowabs must be as beastly as they are. Good thing Dolpheus has my back. We’ll need every one of his skills and all of mine to escape the Mowab Rider with our lives.


Spirit of the Spell

Some things are worth dying for. Others are worth living for again. When Damien dies, Oliana is devastated. It’s understandable, he is her first love. She’ll cry and grieve and, eventually, she’ll move on, as she must—at least, that’s what an ordinary girl would do. But Oliana isn’t ordinary. She’s a witch. And she isn’t going to accept Damien’s death without a fight. With the power of the four elements at her disposal, she can do more than challenge death. The question is, what is she willing to sacrifice to get him back?