Charlene Carr

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Skinny Me

<b>"If you've ever felt ugly, fat, or just not enough for anyone to like you, then this should be in your reading list. Scratch that. At the top of your list." - Goodreads Reviewer</b> <br />Whirling from a life that's crumbling around her, Jennifer Carpenter devotes herself to the one thing she can control: becoming the ideal version of herself—a thinner version—no matter the cost. <br /><b><i>She isn't always nice. She isn't always likable, but she's honest.</i></b> <br /><i>Skinny Me</i> is an in-depth look at the complicated layers of insecurity and depression that can stem from seeking self-worth and beauty in the numbers on a scale. <br />This novel is beautiful, harsh, and truthful in its characterization of a woman who is flawed, yet inspirational. <br/><b>Download <i>Skinny Me</i>