Amir Lane

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Scrap Metal and Circuitry: A Short Story Amir Lane

Roy isn’t supposed to know that he’s an android. Jackson isn’t supposed to feel as attached to Roy as he is.


The Violinist Amir Lane

An unfortunate pedestrian quickly falls prey to an unexpected type of siren.


Cold: A Short Story Amir Lane

A vampire hunter becomes the hunted when a hell hound is sent to bring him down.



Bad Omen Amir Lane

Lindy Lindemann always thought she would like to work in a library. Instead, she’s a police dispatcher using her abilities as a precognizant to help the people who call her and feed information to the police when she can. One by one, the high-ranking witches in the city start being picked off, and after every murder, a man identifying himself only as A calls to let her know it’s him. With the police quickly running out of leads, Lindy is brought in to work with the lead detective, Dick Hobard. Lindy discovers that these killings are connected to the murder of a family that happened over ten years ago. The only problem? The person that Lindy suspects is Staff Sergeant Siobhan Cockburn, the one who brought her into this in the first place. Now, Lindy not only has to stop A from killing a