Gwynn White

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Reign of Bone and Steel Sample Chapters

A murdered Soul-Reaper. A stolen weapon. No one can be trusted.

Reign of Bone and Steel is a mysterious dark fantasy simmering with forbidden romance. If you like nail-biting whodunits, beautiful and brutal fae worlds, and explosive chemistry, then you'll love Gwynn White and Erin St. Pierre's dark and twisty tale.


The Savage and the Prince


Princess and warrior Lynx of Norin is forced by treaty to marry Crown Prince Lukan Avanov. But Lukan is her conqueror, born and raised to lord over her. Lynx, his conquered, was born and raised to hate him. A royal command brings Lynx to Lukan’s palace for their first, explosive meeting. On a collision course of passion, they ignite a fire that will change them and their world forever. Destinies and lives are on the line. Who will survive and who will fall to the passion raging between them? The Savage and the Prince is a short story prequel to New York Times bestselling author Gwynn White’s post-apocalyptic, fantasy adventure series, Crown of Blood.


Queen of Extinction

A magical princess. A kingdom in danger. A fight to the death for the throne.
Princess Aurora never thought she’d have to rule Ryferia. That was her brother’s duty—until his brutal murder at the hands of their uncle. She knows the law: A marriage is her only chance to take the throne, and to free her people from Artemis’s evil rule. Aurora gambles for her kingdom and her life, invoking the right to hold a deadly marriage trial. Will Aurora find true love and save Ryferia, or will the trial winner destroy them all? Queen of Extinction is a fresh take on the classic Sleeping Beauty tale and could be described as The Selection meets The Hunger Games. If you like magic and romance, you will love this retelling.