Reid Minnich

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Diamond Mind

Book Three of the cybernetic soldier series, Savine, you can read them in any order.
Elir son of M’iva has dreams of rising above his station in life as a wanderer. When Elir is hired as a secretary to an eccentric old man, he winds up immersed in a twisted web of half-truths and insanity. A creature that is both healer and killer roams the night.

Trapped and alone on a primitive planet, with her technology failing, can Diamond protect herself from a vengeful noble, while still shielding her heart from a passionate young suitor? With no access to the Link and people dying, will she lose her sanity and become a demon of legend?


I like Alice

Raul Timberland hit rock bottom when he became pilot of a ship with an impulsive space monkey as copilot, a criminal girlfriend who could crush every bone in his body, and a man-eating lizard for a security officer.
Trapped on a disabled space station, his crew of insanity is on a collision course with the immovable plans of murderous criminals who's logic is as hard as steel and as cold as space. Can this unlikely crew thwart the crime of the century or will the outside of the nearest airlock be the last thing that they see?


Man on the Stair

A global integrated computer system tracks identities, eliminates physical money, drives cars and makes life easier for everyone, except Adam. Erased from the system, he can't have a job, own anything, or buy anything. An ex-cop, he spends his days with his retired police dog trying to find food and keeping the gangs from killing each other.
When a good friend investigates an accident that should have been impossible, the evidence points to a killer using the global computer system as a weapon. With the police running at their wits end, Adam decides to track the killer. But can he stop them in time, or will he get caught in the crossfire?



A dark, forgotten demon is freed to stride the city streets once more, taking lives as it burns through one body after another. Josephine Chattoway, recently sold into marriage by an absent father, is escorted by her bohemian Aunt Sylvia to meet her erstwhile suitor. Along the way, she discovers the visions which have made her doubt her sanity for so long are real. They are also the key to unlocking powerful ancient protectors which will stand between a demon and countless innocent victims.
With a plucky batch of gargoyles and a not-quite mad scientist, Josephine and Sylvia must fight for a city that doesn't even its plight. If the demon finds her first, hell will reign on Earth.



Earth is a forgotten stepping stone between two warring races, the eagle-like Aquilans and the lion-like Pantherans. It was the perfect hiding place for Tweeskzaht, a war weary parasitic insect, until humans sent signals into space. With her adopted home in the crosshairs of both sides, she and her host must enlist a few humans to reach out to her ancient enemy.

Enjoy all of this first-contact trilogy.


Ursa Kane

On her way to a martial arts convention, Danielle Kane's plane crashed in the Bermuda Triange on an island with cities trapped in time. The fourteen century Spaniards want to put her in a high tower, sixteenth century pirates want her as a slave, the Inca indians would worship her as a god, and World War two soldiers don't know what to make of her. None of them are ready for a modern woman.


Dead Letter

Martin and Della are more interested in playing detective in their golden years than being detectives. Their team of enthusiastic blue-hairs is a treasure trove of unexpected skills and employ unconventional tactics.

Behind the sweet wheelchair-bound grandmother facade, Estelle is a master hacker with the online handle MeatGrinder56. Wendy, a semi-retired actress, lives her dream of being a superspy while scrapbooking fingerprints to go with her surveillance photos. Homeless veteran Mac, the team's eyes on the street, is invisible to the public.

When a letter arrives from a deceased client asking them to retrieve a cheap china doll, the game turns fatal as they find more dead bodies than answers. When the killer decides that Della and Martin are getting too close,