Lori Whyte

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Summoning a Dragon: A Christmas Short Story Lori Whyte

A little unexpected magic might be just what he needs to find his mate… When a self-proclaimed wizard decides to summon a dragon on a blustery winter solstice, Lisa's roommate drags her to the event. She's happy to discover Malcolm, the sexy Scotsman she's been drooling over, at the gathering too. The attraction between them is palpable… until the strange magic spell sweeps over them and inexplicable things start to happen. But dragons aren't real, are they? And, more importantly, how can she still be drawn to Malcolm after discovering he might actually be a mythical creature? **This is an exclusive short story giveaway to my newsletter subscribers. This story was previously only available in the Love is... Winter Romance box set.**


Caught By her Boss (His BBW to Hold #1) Lori Whyte

Cindy Wilson would do anything for her boss, wealthy real estate mogul Jack Ward, so when he asks her to check on one of his empty houses on her way home, she is happy to assist. She finds the place isn't cleaned as thoroughly as she knows he would want for his open house the next day, so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. By the end of the evening, she is hot, sticky and unable to resist the temptation of slipping into the property's hot tub. When Jack arrives at the house and finds Cindy, his sexy plus-sized personal assistant, in the hot tub touching herself and panting his name, he decides to take matters into his own hands... ~~~ This short, but hot and sexy, 12,000 word novella has explicit sexual content, a light spanking scene, graphic language and a happy for now ending.


Protected By the Wolf (A Werewolf's Curse #1) Lori Whyte

Julie Richards has fantasized about deliciously handsome, younger man Brad MacGregor, ever since she moved to the small mountain town, but believes he deserves someone closer to his age, sexier and without the baggage of her stalker ex-husband. When he is close, though, she forgets all the reasons why it would never work between them. Little does she know, Brad has a secret too. Brad is a werewolf, who knows voluptuous Julie is meant to be his mate. Despite the curse haunting his family, he can't resist the need to be with her, claim her. But every time he thinks he is getting closer to her, she turns away. Could a blizzard be his chance to convince her he is the perfect man--and beast--for her?