Stephen Makk

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Grace, Collector of Evil

For Grace, collecting evil is both a gift and a curse. She’s evil’s dark nemesis, but will evil claim her as its victim too? When Grace discovers that she has a talent for committing vile souls to hell after collecting their evil, she sets herself a task. To rid her hometown Chicago of evil. Along with her Jamaican friend, she employs the dark arts of Voodoo to target sex traffickers, drug dealers and serial killers. However, she isn’t the only one employing the dark arts. Rapist and murderer Calvin Stoneseeker runs the leading drug gang in Chicago; his evil is the yin to her yang. Can Grace stop Stoneseeker from wreaking havoc by imposing his sick evil on the city? Or will the evil that she’s containing force its way out and consume her?


HMS Holy Ghost

Captain Luke MacArthur had his orders. Hunt down the quietest submarine in the world. It wasn’t known as “The black hole” for nothing. Dark fate chose the encounter point; the straits at the Southern entrance to The Red Sea. “The Gate of Grief.” An ace he held was that he commanded the Royal navy’s most powerful submarine HMS Holy Ghost. Luke had his own personal dilemma, his Weapons officer the sultry Savita; he knew he was in danger of becoming a Moth to her flame. Join the crew of The Ghost and help Luke hunt down The Black hole.