Michael Lister

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The difference between murder, accident, or suicide is sometimes indistinguishable. Ex-cop John Jordan, now a prison chaplain in the Florida Panhandle, witnesses the bloody death of Potter Correctional Institution inmate Ike Johnson. But what exactly did he witness? Murder, accident, or suicide? Jordan discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors no act goes unseen, and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar. He soon finds his reputation, his career, and even his life are at stake. NEWLY REVISED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MICHAEL CONNELLY



The end. Book 1 Complete in 5 Parts. This is the way the world ends! When the end comes it comes with astonishing speed. It has been a slow build to the brink, but once the point of no return has been breached, night falls fast. Disasters, avoidable and not, and the inhuman responses to humanity’s existential crises, every tipping point tipping us over the ragged rim, into a black abyss from which there is no return. One man walks alone on a lonely road in search of his loved ones in a wasteland that used to be the world. Though danger lurks around every bend of the desolate landscape he is undaunted and will be undeterred. His mission is simple if nearly impossible – find his family and friends who are still alive.



A vulnerable woman being followed. A PI determined to protect her. Former lovers embroiled in an intense mystery thriller fraught with intrigue and danger. A sexy, romantic, suspenseful ride through the atmospheric 1940s. Michael Lister's acclaimed Jimmy "Soldier" Riley Noir Novels. Here's the story that started it all. “Lister’s hard-edged prose ranks with the best of contemporary noir fiction.” Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review of The Big Goodbye. Walk the mean streets of wartime Panama City with Jimmy “Soldier” Riley, a wounded, woman-haunted knight errant in Michael Lister’s resonant new noir series Publisher’s Weekly calls “a promising private detective series."