JG Koratzanis

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The Estranged - A Victim of Fate Novel

Heather Andreasen spends her days picking up the pieces of her life after giving up the love of it. The further she distances herself from the past, the more questions arise as to why the lover who protected her became the aggressor she fears. A few weeks later, after a night out with her friends, Heather meets someone who at first, seems quiet and gentle. When Douglas Baggio teeters on the edge of being a stalker in her eyes, no is an answer she didn’t realize he will not accept. As months drift by, a mysterious woman contacts Heather and tells her where she should look for answers. At first, Heather refuses to accept the help from the woman but reluctantly obeys. Little does Heather know that the woman is working to unite Heather and Douglas to satisfy her own wicked means.