Nicole Casey


Shani Greene-Dowdell
The Billionaire's Conquest is a steamy, hot read. Trevor and Jasmine together are so sexy and their story was written beautifully!

Verika Sloane
I love single dad stories! Well written and sizzlin' story.

J.L. Ryan
This steamy workplace romance is a real page turner! The fact that the sexy single dad could probably have any woman he wants but is crazy about the curvy girl he saw in the elevator is priceless!

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Her Beast

I never wanted to be in this situation.
Stalked. Kidnapped. Desperate.
Forced into a world full of darkness and terror.
While I thought this was the worst…
He came, a beast in the dark.
And he told me to be a good girl if I want to live…
He was going to take what I didn’t want to give.
My complete submission.
But somehow, his muscular body makes my body clench in ways I've never felt before.
I started to crave the heat of his touch and the bite of command in his voice.
I really should stay away. But being punished has never felt so good.



Dominating Vyolet - Sneak Peek


Dominating Vyolet

How could it be wrong when it feels so right?

I’ve been a good girl all my life.
As a schoolteacher and the oldest Viera triplet, I don’t ruffle feathers.
When Dad’s best friend comes back to town, everything changes.
Evan’s intense, dominant and off-limits. I ache to run my hands across his muscled chest.
My sister says older men are better at everything.
Well, guess I will find out what it means to be with a real man for myself.

I’m back, and little Vyolet is all grown up.
Sweet. Gorgeous. Gentle.
Everything my filthy desires crave.
I’ll bind her wrists.
Feel her curves under my body.
Pull her hair while I take her rough from behind.
I know it’s wrong.
I know taking her could ruin everything.
But I don’t care.
I will make her mine.
Whatever it takes.


Hot Dad Next Door - Sneak Peek

I’m about to become the live-in nanny to the daughter of Ryan Cade. He’s sexy, gorgeous and probably almost twice my age, but he’s the one who can make me wet in one glance.
I have dreamed of his muscular body, his perfect abs and his piercing eyes.
But I can’t sleep with him. No. Not when the 4-year-old candy cotton princess is around.
But by the way he undresses me with his eyes, I know that he wants something too. Something hot. Something… dirty.
Should I tell him the truth? What if he knows I’m still a virgin? What if there’s an even bigger surprise waiting for him?


The Single Dad CEO

The moment I lay eyes on her in the elevator, I know I have to have her.
Those curves, that hair, and the way she looks at me with those innocent eyes make me want to take her right in my office.
Whenever I see her, every fiber of my body wants to feel her body entwined with mine.
But she’s my employee.
She’s off limits.
And my focus should be on my son and my business after my gold digger ex-wife had left.
It will break all my rules, but I just can’t resist her any longer.
I need to make her mine.

This is a sweet and steamy office romance short story with no cliffhanger and a HEA!


The Billionaire's Conquest

I need to save Mercury Wild, but who would save my heart?
I'm Trevor Wild, Billionaire and Entrepreneur of Mercury Wild, a club that I inherited from my father.
Men admire me for the fortune that came with my name. Women flock to me for the man of their dreams, but along the way, I lose sight of who I am, and my business is at stake.
So desperate to save the club, I have to put pride behind me and seek out help, and help comes in the form of Jasmine Washington.
Her skin is smooth as silk.
Her eyes are piercing green that would burn holes into my soul.
But it’s her steadfast attitude, her honest business sense, and her genuine heart, that pull me in.
Will I be able to have both my club and Jasmine, or will going after her cause everything to crumble around me?


The Unexpected Gift

I only return home from my missionary work in Moscow for one reason: collect a cash donation for the starving children from my wealthy brother, Matthew.
I didn’t expect to meet my brother’s best friend and business partner, Nick again.
He’s more mature now, with broad shoulders, perfect abs and a gorgeous face. And when I get to know him more, I am surprised to find that I’m absurdly attracted to his attentiveness and generous heart.
Is falling for him the biggest mistake in my life? And what if he finds out there is an unexpected gift for both of us for Christmas?



Bahamas Love Affair

Sasha was at the bottom rung of life: she was jobless, out of cash and wasted her first week at the Bahamas hanging out at the lousiest joints in town. This night, however, she was willing to take the risk and spend the last of her cash to find love or at least some fun at one of the busiest night clubs at the opposite end of town. Little did she know she was in for the encounter of her life.
Richard was a billionaire suffering from years of melancholy. His ex-wife was a constant problem and despite all his attempts of living the high life and partying like there was no tomorrow, he just didn’t feel happy. That is until he saw her walk into the club, and he knew that this woman might change everything.


Numbers Game

As a math teacher at the local high school, I’m used to playing the numbers game. Considering I’ve been down on my luck, however, I’ve basically given up dating—that is, until I meet hunky tattooist Hunter Cross. With gorgeous green eyes and a plethora of tattoos, he’s famed for his ability to carve straight lines into skin—and, unfortunately, into the hearts of lonely men.

I’d ask him out, but there’s only one problem: I have no idea if he’s gay, and trying to get his number while going under the needle for my first tattoo will be a challenge I don’t think I can face.

Guess there’s only one thing to do:

Play the numbers game.