Rachael Rawlings

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Talitha: A Haunting

Clare is a determined woman ready to launch into her new life. She just needs a little money to do it. When she goes to a historical home under renovation to help with the massive cleaning job, she is anxious to do her task and do it well. However, the house, Talitha, has other plans.

Pit against spirits she can’t see and caught between her best friend and the foreboding owner of the house, she must use her own gifts to journey from death to life.


Dearly Departed

In the fine line between life and death, there is love.



Midnight Dreary: A Raven Mystery

What would you do to save your neighbors when a serial killer comes to town?

Lenore doesn’t quite fit in Lawrence, Indiana.

Tattoos, goth clothes, and loud music are rare.

Her old dog and a talking raven as roommates, rarer still.
And being granddaughter of the town’s only reputed witch and best friends with a brilliant autistic girl, rarest of all.
Then bodies start turning up, and Lenore must act.
She will have to pair up with another misfit, the quirky and undeniably wealthy Ramsey who thinks he’s a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, to stop the murderer.
It’s a race to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again.