Baileigh Higgins

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Last Another Day (Dangerous Days - Zombie Apocalypse Book 1)


The Black Tide - Remnants

For fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent comes a story that will have you turning pages long past your bedtime. You have found your new obsession. The Black Tide. That’s what they called it. Incurable. Unstoppable. Terrifying. Saddled with the care of her kid sister, Ava struggles to cope with the demands placed upon her young shoulders. When an unstoppable disease sweeps across the globe, decimating the population, her life takes a terrifying turn for the worse. Threatened with starvation, enslavement, and exile, life becomes a daily struggle for survival. Driven by the need to protect the only family she has left, Ava searches for salvation, a safe haven for them both. But with each passing day, new enemies appear while the people she trusts are swept away on a tide of blood.


The Hybrid Theory - Subject 306

Safety is an illusion... When Christine sets free Subject 306, she unleashes far more than she bargained for. Possessed of uncanny abilities, Subject 306, formerly known as Adam, spreads death and destruction throughout the city of his birth. In a world crippled by poverty and war, nobody is prepared for what follows: The end of civilization. Sam and Katy, two people caught up in the maelstrom of violence, form a reluctant alliance and flee the city. They travel the country looking for a place to hide from the horror that follows, but safety is an illusion and death a constant companion. Can they survive? More importantly, can humanity?