Your Jen


Your Jen suffers from delusions that men actually want to go out on dates with her, even though it’s all in her head. There was a brief time she contemplated being a lesbian, but Ellen DeGeneres is spoken for. After a series of failed relationships, she intentionally got fat to avoid male attention. When she’s not spending her time focusing on relationships, or lack thereof, she’s sleeping.

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Karaoke King Your Jen

Dating disasters happen to most everyone, but for Jen they become catastrophes of monumental proportions. Jen’s first therapist suggested she write her ‘escapades’ down for therapeutic reasons…to free her conscience of the misfortunes that befall her short relationships and to help address Jen’s underlying serial dating problem. After reading Jen’s short stories, that therapist prescribed electroconvulsive therapy (aka electroshock therapy) and then abruptly joined a cult and moved to Guatemala to become a goat herder with the new Messiah. Jen’s 9.9% sure it had nothing to do with her dating said therapist’s son and convincing him to become a sex dungeon master. Each “Man-i-sode” chronicles stereotypical male behaviors that Jen has nailed to perfection in the most comedic way possible.