Paul Arvidson

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Darkish is a collection of short stories set on a world completely in the dark. Meet Teller Mas the Scent Detective hunting down the smell of murder. Meet the delivery Runners, with a package no-one understands. Meet bartenders, map-makers, story tellers and all the other Folk who live on the planet called Dark. This book runs along side the series of full novels set in the same universe, beginning with the novel 'Dark' by Paul L Arvidson.




Dark In the strange labyrinth of pipes of the planet called Dark, things are falling apart. Dun doesn't want to be a hero, he just wants to find an answer to the terrifying dreams he's been having. But the answers, the real answers are going to take him places he's never imagined and tear him from the only home he's ever known. With a only a half made map from his missing father he'll need all the help he can get. With an old friend, a new friend and the mysterious Myrch to guide him as the forces at work around them, tear their world apart.