mari reiza


mari.reiza has written Inconceivable Tales and Death in Pisa short-story collections, Mum, Watch Me Have Fun! and STUP, two novellas, as well as Marmotte's Journey, West bEgg, PHYSICAL, Room 11 and Triple Bagger, all novels. mari is a restless product of strongheaded women and a dream called Europe. She emigrated to London to be cool and traded her sanity for a banking career, in the hope that her delayed flowering would benefit from a healthier balance sheet. Twice her bosses refused to let her leave, and most of her friends still won't swallow she could ever seriously settle for a penniless fictional future outside her sunny country. Lately she has been spending an unprecedented amount of time to and fro hockey practices and swimming galas (not hers!) and awaiting her husband at the dinner table, when she's not writing by her window dreaming of rejection letters spontaneously combusting. And she tends to get lost, hailed on and chased by strangers suspiciously frequently whilst jogging around the hill, à-la Mrs. Underwood, which helps her with the illusion that she's indeed constantly pushing herself to the limit. But mari.reiza knows one day she will land a big prize, perhaps she already has.

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