Edwin Tipple

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The Girl Takers Part 1: Bombshell

Ex-cop Robin Simmons never had to think about them – UNTIL NOW.
A chance meeting, one wet afternoon in Manchester, brings Robin and Kat together. When he falls in love with this rich lady his life slowly takes several turns for the worse and he becomes uncertain about Kat. But after some passionate lovemaking one night, he knew all his fears were unfounded - until she dropped her bombshell.
She needs him to do something very unusual, something very important for her, something no other woman would dare ask of her man - unless?

This free, salacious human trafficking novel has climbed to 23 in Amazon's UK Best Seller ranking for Women Sleuths and 31 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense.



This is a police procedural novel with a difference: it’s based on a real tragic event.
Lorna is still suffering from the terrors induced by her nightmares. Nightmares brought on by seeing most of her family viciously ripped apart in England’s worst ever train crash which claimed the lives of 112 souls. That was in October 1952. And still, the nightmares refuse to die with them. And the mystery of the crime? Why did it happen? Today, it remains just that: a mystery. Or does it? You will learn soon enough.