Diana Tyler

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Age of the Ashers - 50-Page Sample

The first 50 pages of Age of the Ashers, book 1 of The Petros Chronicles, a Greek mythology-inspired fantasy adventure!


Moonbow: The Colors of Iris

A teenaged girl with an ageless power. A rebellion that begs her to use it for vengeance. A follower in the sky that she cannot outrun. And a choice that will change her life. Set in Petros, an ancient Greece-like land of mesmerizing myths and monsters, MOONBOW follows Iris, a despairing young woman who has spent three agonizing years as a slave to Acheron, the sadistic officer responsible for burning her brother alive. But when Iris's own life is threatened at the bronze tip of an outlaw's blade, she receives an astonishing, long-awaited power, and with it, the confidence and weapon she needs to fulfill her greatest desire: avenge her brother, or die trying. If only the Moonbow, that unavoidable symbol of redemption shining in the sky, would let her be...