Hati Bell

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In this action-packed sequel to Amber, a species that was supposed to be a myth returns to Somerset and things are about to heat up. Literally… Will love and loyalty be stronger than centuries-old conflicts?




When two colleges merge, supernatural worlds collide… THE DRYAD Amber O’Neill has always been the weird dryad in their hidden supernatural community. Her biggest fear was her visions driving her insane some day. Her fear rises to a whole new level when during her first encounter with a dragon, she receives a shocking vision. THE DRAGON Disowned by his grandfather, Drake was born into riches but raised in poverty. An inheritance gives him the chance to reclaim what should have rightfully been his. No one will stop him from getting what he wants. Certainly not a little dryad. Even when she’s the light to his darkness, no one is worth giving up his rightful place for. Can they trust each other or will they be each other’s downfall?


The Amazon and the Beast

THE AMAZON Kellsey Callahan has everything an Amazon could wish for – kick-ass brothers, a rock chicks crew, and a pet Kraken. Everything except her childhood crush Leroy Leandros. He wouldn’t even touch her when she jumped into his bed, naked, as a surprise, eight years ago. THE BEAST Cursed by a goddess, Leroy turns into a savage beast three days a year. Having murdered countless people, he ended his rampage only when he locked himself in a cage. His raging beast was prepared for anything: except for a captivating Amazon. When during a game of Truth or Dare Kellsey’s challenged to steal a kiss from Leroy, she decides to shoot him with Cupid’s arrow. It’s just a cute little arrow. What could possibly go wrong?