Mark Dame


In addition to writing fiction, Mark Dame is a professional software developer and freelance commercial writer. He also works part-time as an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor. When not working, he enjoys cave diving, running, and camping. Mark lives in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and two sons.<br />

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The Militiaman of Garthset

Randell has wanted to join the militia since an orc raiding party took his family from him when he was just a child. Now he finally has his chance to get the retribution he's been looking for. But when his platoon responds to an orc attack on a neighboring town, he quickly discovers that real battles aren't like the old songs and stories. Vastly outnumbered, Randell's thirst for vengeance may cost him more than he knows. The Militiaman of Garthset is a novella in the Legends of Tirmar series.