Gillian Zane

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Killer (Karma Inc. Case 5) Preview

The final book in the Karma Inc. Series is here! Cassandra Mercier's last Karma case...or is it? Case # 5 of the Karma Incorporated Series. Karma never forgets. Working for Karma Incorporated has taken its toll on Cassandra Mercier. She might have died to get this job, but being a worker bee in the bowels of Afterlife Corporation have proven to be more than she can handle. Her latest case feels a little too personal as Cassandra finds herself playing psychic at her old stomping grounds, the precinct where she used to work before she died. Her job on the case is to expose a dirty cop while using her cover as a psychic to help solve cases. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. The cop she's meant to expose was a good friend of h Find it on Amazon: