Lance Tuck

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Devil's Garden: Book One of the Paladin Sequence Lance Tuck

In the green paradise of what was the Mayan Empire, something dark has begun. Father Lamas has been performing exorcisms without Papal authorization, but it doesn't stop there. Reports of missing children lead Paladin to the depths of the jungle, where the Shadows are alive and well. Nothing is as it seems as Gerald and Matthew learn what has awakened in the Devil's Garden! Devil's Garden introduces Gerald Ironblood, Alpha Exorcist of the Holy See, American Liaison with the Bureau Of Exorcism, and mentor of Matthew Paladin. The occult forces that have drawn Paladin and Ironblood together unfold as a possessed girl s family deals with the terrifying reality of the Infernals. An apparently simple exorcism spirals into a series of encounters orchestrated by something from beyond.