TS Vale

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Library • A post-apocalyptic / SF romance short story TS Vale

A post-apocalyptic / SF romance short story by award-winning author TS Vale. Synopsis: For Lisa and Dale, escape is a very bad idea. Staying is a worse one. But Dale is going to be very hard to convince.


In The Real • An award-winning dark novella TS Vale

In The REAL is an awarded dystopian SF thriller / SF romance short novella by TS Vale. Adult content. Synopsis: When Satyi Dey's dark and bloody past comes after her with a vengeance on the quarantined planet Nthyon, she must prepare for the ultimate sacrifice. For if she fails to outwit the deadly force that hunts her, it won't be only Satyi and her lover who will suffer ... it will be entire worlds. First place, Once Upon a World short SF novella competition; Sapphire Award (SF romance) nominee.