Alana Melos

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The Devil and Delilah Alana Melos

In the Weird, Wild West... Delilah lives with her pa on his brahmin ranch, betrothed to her sweetheart Ezekiel. Even in this rough frontier world, life is good and sweet, much like Delilah herself. However, ruffians intrude upon her idyllic life, shattering it and changing her forever. Delilah prays for help, but it isn't God who answers. Out of nowhere the devil Azazel appears, and a very handsome devil is he. He offers Delilah the means to exact her revenge... if she's willing and wanton enough to pay the eternal price.... The gentle lady must look into her heart and soul and explore the wicked, depraved depths she's willing to go for vengeance. This is the first chapter of a dark fantasy weird west erotic serial. It explores hard, dark, brutal passions in the fantastic wild west.


Rump Raiding Raptors Alana Melos

Trapped in a sexually savage world... Twins Dirk and Debbie Gudgeon find the mysterious Janus Key, which awakens and transports them to an alternate dimension! The savage raptors of the world capture them, and one won't let Dirk go until he ravages him thoroughly! This pulp erotica is meant for mature audiences and contains m/m, oral, anal, light bondage, rump raiding raptors, and is 8,500+ words!