Emma Harper

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From a Mail Bride Hunter to a Lover Emma Harper

Treason has always been irreparable and treason was the main cause that drove Mikayla, an English noble lady, to Western America, Montana, where she figured out that her father’s best friend sent her as a Mail Order Bride to a rich Oil Tycoon owner. The lady, unable to believe what she had just found, had two options either die or kill. But no one could escape forever especially from a charming cowboy, Randy, her groom’s faithful servant. Could it be that killing would free her or make her a wanted outlaw? The girl’s salvation from her humiliating condition made her free and even fall in a new love in the world of cowboys but fleeing was temporary and turned out to be a nightmare when she becomes a prey for others.


Colorado Brides Series Emma Harper

The Colorado Brides Series tells the story of three brides: Maureen O’Connell, Marianne Hutchinson and Faith Stevens.