Kathleen Hope

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Seduced by Desire Kathleen Hope

The summer day was warm and the weekend was promising to be sunny all the way through. Everything should be perfect for the three of them. Haley picked up a cooler and brought it out of the garage, walking carefully toward the car. Tom, her new stepbrother, came out to take it from her, hands barely brushing. She smiled at him and he met her gaze, eyes kind and glittering with excitement. “Hey, you two, come on or we’re not gonna get there by dark!” Joey called from the driver’s seat. Haley blinked and pulled away. “Hold your horses, Joey!” Turning, Haley left the boys behind and went back into the house for her bag. Tom’s dad and her mom had gotten married a year ago; this was the first summer she was home from college and Tom was too. Joey was Tom’s best friend and it had been his...