Kendall Talbot

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Double Take - A fresh, fast-paced cocktail of a heist! Kendall Talbot

Jackson Rich is an unlucky man – his life has been out of control for years. Its about to get a whole lot worse. But to buy his terminally ill wife Candice more time, he’ll try anything. Including robbing a bank. Jack calls in his old gang. It’s been decades since they were together, but they owe him–at least that’s what he’s banking on. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Until a couple of kids overhear Jack's gang planning the robbery, that is. Even after thirty years as a cop Detective Steel has never had a scenario like this, but he has to act upon the tip-off he’s been given. Somewhere, during the race that stops the nation, a bank is set to be robbed. But to catch the thieves, Steel must let the heist happen. He’s about to make the quickest bust in history. At least, that’s the plan!