Michelle Love

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The Unexpected Nanny - A Single Daddy-Nanny Short Romance

Passion. Desire. Love. When a single father takes his little girl to the toy store to pick out a present for her third birthday, the last thing Aiden expected was to find his daughter, Joy, a nanny. As a customer service rep at a toy store and a nursing school student, the last thing Skye ever thought she’d be presented with was being asked to be the nanny to one of her favorite horror author’s kids. Years of being alone but not realizing something was missing in his and his daughter’s lives, Aiden finds the woman he’s employed waking up parts of his body and mind which have lain dormant since his wife’s death. A sexy secret turns into a bit more as the horror author, and his nanny find themselves in a tryst neither wants to end. But will Aiden risk his daughter’s happiness to have ...


The Flame Series

Cole Waters was done with women. It seemed that every relationship he had ever had revolved around one thing, his money. Being the wealthy CEO of a major banking corporation, and a good looking one at that, he attracted a lot of the wrong attention from women. Deanna Williams, an up and coming journalist from Texas, is settling into her new surroundings. Fresh out of college, she manages to land herself a job at a small financial magazine in New York City. The unlikely pair find themselves bumping into each other in the local coffee shop. Deanna realizes there is a connection between them that she cannot quite explain.