Sheri-Lynn Marean


Born in Scarborough Ontario, I've lived in many different places. The main ones being Toronto, Montreal, London Ontario, Alabama, Texas, and Alberta. I now reside in British Columbia, Canada with my husband, three kids, one dog, three cat’s and chickens. I never thought I'd ever be an author. Instead, I grew up riding and working with racehorses, drawing and selling animal artwork, and of course reading. I fell in love with reading at age twelve when I read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. I've never stopped reading. With a wide variety of reading interests, my passion presently is the paranormal romance genre. One day, after reading an unsatisfying book, I decided to write my own book, with my own characters, doing what I wanted them to do. i began to type and the characters came to life in my head. I've never looked back.

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Dracones Primalthorn Sample

A thousand years ago, the Ilyium and dragonkind co-existed, neither friend nor foe, until one horrific moment in time that changed everything. All dragonkind are born with a deeply ingrained calling to protect the innocent. As Primalthorn, the Ultimate Guardian, it becomes Skulla’s duty to preserve his dying race as well. But with his responsibility comes a great burden as he’s tasked with ending the lives of those on the verge of going rogue. Year after lonely year, only his obligations keep Skulla clinging to sanity, until the day he meets his mate. Kiah-thorn brings light back into his darkened soul. With the lives of not only dragonkind but his family at stake, Skulla is hesitant when the Ilyium call on him for assistance. For his choices may just end all dragonkind. Get Dracones P


Dracones Thaniel Sample

Abandoned. Abused. Alone. Fate hasn’t been kind. By twenty, Thaniel trusts no one. People hurt. Betray. Leave. So when he picks up a stalker, he’s leery. Except, she looks like an angel. Thaniel spends his life fighting to survive. His only wish is to question the father who deserted him. But before he can, he’s tossed into a world he didn’t even know existed and lands in the clutches of sadistic Were-wolves. With all hope lost, he welcomes death, until three strange people enter his life. Like a beacon, they offer him an impossible dream—the promise of a home. Safety. Love. Scared to believe, and falling in love with two people who are mated to each other, Thaniel is quick to accept an offer to confront his father. Only, the truth might be more than his bruised heart can survive.


Dracones awakening

A thousand years the Ilyium druids hunt the Dracones without mercy. Tierney and her friends were seven when they fled to Earth. Keeping their Dracones identity secret, they grew to adulthood. Only no matter how far they run, escape is impossible which is crystal clear when she gazes into the eyes of the man she loves. As a kid, Jax tried to protect his brother, but ended up abused, broken, full of rage. Now, with his Awakening approaching, his powers are unpredictable. If he survives the change allowing him to shift into his dragon, he fears endangering the one he loves, Tierney. Their past catches up when Tierney has a vision. Ancient instincts triggered, Tierney and Jax must overcome their legacy to avoid the Ilyium’s sinister plans.