Tommy Muncie

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Fighter's Mark Tommy Muncie

Being a form-shifting assassin is useful when you have a limitless price on your head. Screft has stolen secrets from the planet Nastrophen that could change worlds. Once a ‘True Kendrii’ - the highest honour in the planet’s army, he’s now on the run and hiding on neighbouring Carnathia. He’s promised himself he’s done with killing and can lead a better life, but he’s not done with fighting. Pretending to be the wayward son of a powerful senator, he’s pulling a pro-league fighting scam to fund the research that might fix him as a human permanently. Screft is not above suspicion though. Can he really hide as a human forever, and understand human kind? Can he really stop killing people to survive? When he meets Oscar, a former fleet pilot with disgrace in his past, he believes he’s found