Heléna Macalino


Hi! I'm Heléna and I'm 10 years old. I'm part of a family of authors from Portland, Oregon! That's right, my mom, dad and brother and I are all authors. Even after doing our chores, going to school, playing with our friends and hanging out with my parents, I still have time to write. Okay I admit it requires a lot of "encouraging" by my Mom, but I still get it done! Learn more about me and my awesome family at our website.

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The Mouse Bird: The Wish Fish Early Reader Series (Volume 1) Heléna Macalino

Wishes can be made in the woods! Squeak the Mouse has a wonderful life, living in her cozy little hole in a tree. Then one day, a fox surprises Squeak and her friends! Squeak can't run away as fast as her bigger friends, Hopper, Breeze, and Chippy. That makes her so scared. Poor Squeak doesn't realize that everybody has problems, no matter their size. Then she meets the Wish Fish… Be careful what you wish for!