Laurence OBryan

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The Nuremberg Puzzle

Sean Ryan travels to Germany, and uncovers a conspiracy to rid the country of refugees, fast. Anger is boiling onto the streets.

Back in London, his wife, Isabel, has discovered why her grandfather committed suicide, decades before. He'd been working for the prosecution team at the Nuremberg Trials.

Sean is in Nuremberg to speak at an archaeological conference. An old friend in the city, Eleni Kibre, is disturbed by intimidation from anti-refugee groups spreading across Germany.

An hour after he leaves her, she is savagely murdered.

The police arrive at Sean’s hotel to question him. Then Eleni’s partner goes missing.

Can Sean and Isabel stop a new genocide, aimed at eradicating the refugees spreading across Europe, or will they too become victims?

Hatred of foreigners has been b


The Cairo Puzzle

What would you do if you found yourself entombed under the Great Pyramid? Fans of Dan Brown, James Rollins, Wilbur Smith and all adventure authors will love this book.

From the award winning bestselling author of The Istanbul Puzzle. Combining the latest headline grabbing revelations from the Great Pyramid of Giza with heart pounding adventure. Read as a stand alone or start the series with The Istanbul Puzzle.

Henry warned her. “If you go to Cairo, you'll get yourself killed.”

But what choice does Isabel have? She has to find Sean, her missing husband, and she's discovered that a hospital in Cairo treated an American patient recently, flown to Cairo from Germany for some unexplained reason. But she's arrived at the wrong moment. A mass uprising is being crushed in Tahrir Square.