Jessika Klide


Jessika Klide is my pen name. I'm from LA ... Lower Alabama. The Deep South. My mind is extremely sensuous, some call that slutty, so it's just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this! ;)

I married my high school sweetheart and have been married to him longer than I have lived without him. He is not only my soulmate but my best friend and what I have learned about love is that not all relationships are a struggle. When you find the right one, it is easy and fun!

"I believe lust and love form perfect unions and the stars do align for true love. Be unstoppable for love!"

If you're looking for a story that will make you laugh and cry, lust and love, then come take a walk on the wild side and enjoy Siri and Aurei's thunderous journey; where ultimate seduction and ultimate discipline clash for one hell of an explosive ride!

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Instagram accounts are @JessikaKlide

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Hard-Core, #1, A Scorching Stripper's Love Story

Am I really hardcore? You bet your a$$ I am. I was born Maximus Aurelius Moore. My life seems simple on the surface, but it's not. I'm Maximus to my Italian family, heir to a family fortune; Aurei to my Alabama bros I grew up with; and to the Army, I'm Mr. Moore. I'm complicated, and therefore, unattached. That's the real reason my call name is Hard-Core. I can't afford a casual hookup with someone wanting more from me, and I understand the odds of finding someone unique enough are a trillion to one. Those aren't betting odds. Do I dream about finding undeniable love? Affirmative. But I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never find someone. Therefore, I'm a take 'em then shake 'em, kinda guy. *Maximus Aurelius Moore, never say never. It'll make a liar out of you.