Adam Ehrnaz

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How to How I Cured Psoriasis With Diet And Supplements. The Root Cause Revealed: My 4 Year Battle, and My 4 Step Strategy I Used To Cure Psoriasis Adam Ehrnaz

I battled Psoriasis for 4 years. When I was told by my Doctor that my Psoriasis cant ever be cured and i was offered steroids to "calm" my immune system I kindly declined. This was the beginning of my 4 year journey to find out why my body was doing this and how I could reverse it. As a qualified Nutritionist, I had a good understanding of the human body. I was prepared to use my own body as an experiment with all different types of diets and supplements to find out what was really causing it. I tried approximately 30 different types of supplements, read hundreds of the latest medical studies, and hundreds of personal stories in my mission to cure my self of this supposedly uncurable disease. This book is like no other on amazon for Psoriasis sufferers- written by a ex-psoriasis suffer