Tasha L. Harrison

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A Slant of Light Tasha L. Harrison

"Be careful of that one. I hear she's some sort of Maneater." When Julian Webster lands his first big group showing at an exclusive gallery in Philadelphia’s Old City, he is hardly ready to deal with the attention focused on him. Particularly from a pint-sized, so called Maneater by the name of Yves Santiago. Women are his weakness…a weakness he has chosen to avoid to focus on his career, but Yves is a force of nature that demands to be acknowledged. (Prequel story for In Her Closet, The Lust Diaries: Book One. How Julian and Yves meet.)



In Her Closet Tasha L. Harrison

Entertainment columnist Yves Santiago unapologetically lives her life as carelessly as a man. Her day job keeps her flush in men, with few regrets and even fewer mistakes. By night, she details her exploits on her anonymous sex blog, The Lust Diaries. Yves leads a happy, delightfully filthy life. Until she meets nonfiction editor Elijah Weinstein. Moss green eyes, sun-kissed shoulders and a mouth so damn sensual that it should have an NC-17 rating, this perfectly suited and coiffed, Fifth Avenue Prince is everything she never wanted yet can't resist. He methodically lays waste to the walls she's built around herself, looking to get closer to the real Yves Santiago.