Anni Antoni

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Esau Demon Prince -- A Taste of the Urban Guardians World

Abandoned in the Underworld, as a baby, to die, Esau survived. As he grew, so did his burning ambition to be King of the Underworld. Son of the most powerful demon in the underworld and an angel, Esau discovers early in life how to wield his powers and how to enchant people do his bidding. His father, Malafir, has left instructions with Esau’s caretakers to turn his son into the most evil creature ever born…and his plan looks like succeeding Except for a girl. Holly, a beautiful human girl with a sweet spirit and pure heart, exposes Esau to a world of good that’s hard to ignore. When Malafir demands Esau kill the girl, Esau realizes there’s one thing he wants just as much as he wants his father’s throne...Holly!


The Wish Angel

One magic night Poppy’s emotions swing from heartbreak to wonder. She finds her fiancé has been cheating on her, and discovers an intriguing, sexy stranger who says he knows her from her past. Both men want her. But she has been hiding secrets of her own from her fiancé. Does she have the courage to allow her fun-loving, creative, wild side to emerge with the exciting stranger or will she forgive her fiancé and go back to her safe, predictable life? Can she believe in magic enough to trust her heart?


Nate Thief Catcher

The thief he’s sworn to capture may be his one true mate. Emily is a computer hacker, a modern-day Robin Hood. She robs unscrupulous corporations to give to the poor. Lately her inner ‘knowing’ warns she’s in mortal danger. Sexy computer expert Nathan Hawke has taken on the job of catching the elusive hacker. However, he’s not what he seems. He has deep secrets of his own that could change everything. Emily’s opportunity to right wrongs her own way is slipping away. She’s running out of time. If she’s not careful to guard her back – and her heart- the fallout could cost her life. If you love your paranormal stories to be a thrilling mix of danger, suspense and white-hot sizzling romance, you’ll love Nate, Thief Catcher, because it has all of this and more.