Ashe Barker

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Rough Diamonds Ashe Barker

Christa Barnes is baffled when the man of her dreams turns up at her flower shop and insists she has something he would like to buy. But Johan Klaas is an international diamond dealer and he is not at all interested in geraniums. He’s here to discuss gemstones. Christa’s next unexpected caller is a motorcycle courier bearing a package for her. She opens it and finds a fortune in uncut diamonds and a note. For Services Rendered. See what you can make of these. Johan Klaas works at the heart of the global diamond trade and he agrees to use his contacts and knowledge to help trace the origins of these particular stones. For a price. As the relationship between Christa and Johan deepens, she learns that a natural, artless act of kindness years before can start an amazing chain of events.



Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot? Ashe Barker

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? She’s recovered, moved on. Her marriage is over. Or is it? Cain has other ideas. Heather might have left him, fled to the wilds of bloody Scotland of all places to get away from him, but she never even signed the divorce papers he sent her. He’s wasted enough time and now he’s determined to settle things, one way or another. A decent spanking always used to work, but is it too late? New year, new start. There’s only one way to find out…