Marie Skye

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Emmalin Gone. Everything I ever had is gone. Ripped away, taken before I was ready. So I just hid. Hid in the shadows, hoping to disappear, blending in, fade away. I didn't want to be found, and I sure as hell didn’t want, to be discovered. But one man did. He saw me. Saw right through me. He's overbearing, egotistical, and did I mention a total asshole? When I'm with him, I want to scream. Punch him. And then have him rip my clothes off. I gave him one night. He wants more. And so do I. I'm his. Grayson Mandrake owns me. Grayson I take, because I can. I claim, because I can. She was mine the moment I saw her, and I will destroy her soul to keep her. Have her. Own her. I'm ruthless, and relentless. A total asshole. And I will do anything for her. Emmalin Ross is mine.