Dominique Mondesir


Dominique Mondesir has always wanted to be a writer since the age of sixteen. He could remember reading the hobbit and Harry Potter late at night and thinking, I could do that. More than ten years later and he has.
His first book Origins (Fallen Angels) was published September 2015, with three more so far released.
He lives in England with his girlfriend and cat and hopes to travel the world before he gets to old.

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Breakout (Space Outlaw 1) Dominique Mondesir

**Arc review copy** He has one shot--to get out, to save himself, and to protect his family. Looking for a major payoff, Phoenix Jones will do anything to save the people he cares about. With his brother and sister suffering in a hospital, he needs money--and fast. But when his temper lands him in prison light years from home, everything changes. Now all he's ever known and loved is on the line. It's up to Phoenix to break out of jail and battle vicious aliens he never knew existed. But can he save the only place he's ever called home before it's too late? If Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy had a baby this story would be it!