Melanie James

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Conjuring Darkness

Twenty-five year-old Lexi Salenko never dreamed of romance and adventure outside the pages of the novels she craves. The owner of a quaint bookstore in Montana, she is living a quiet life when a mysterious letter from her archaeologist sister arrives. The letter is badly damaged and makes little sense, however one thing is clear… her sister is in trouble. Lexi must follow the cryptic instructions sent by her sister as she looks for a mysterious relic with ties to an ancient cult. She's also been instructed to enlist the help of a very sexy former Navy SEAL, turned mercenary, Mr. Kidd… Propelled on an odyssey across three continents, Lexi and Mr. Kidd soon discover a supernatural force that stretches from the ancient ruins at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, through the death camps of the Holocaust