Flora Ferrari

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Baby Lust: A Navy SEAL Romance Flora Ferrari

Noah I’m a man on the go. A man on a mission. To serve and protect my country. But now I have a new mission. And this one’s personal. A baby. After sixteen years leading SEAL teams all around the globe, now there’s only one place I want to be. Next to her. And for her to be my woman and the mother of my child. Mia He’s the only man I ever wanted. Protective, rugged, and everything a real man should be. He shows up and drops a bomb on me…a baby bomb. He wants to start a family, with me. It’s the words I never thought I’d hear, but secretly always wanted. Noah I’m a man on a mission, and my mission is her. She’s too good for me, but I’ve got her in my sights, and nothing will come between us. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make her mine, and make my baby with her.