Charles Vella

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Infil 1 (Chapters 1-7)

"We lost him." With those words the chase is on. But who is Infil 1? Even more important, what's he doing back here? Whoever it is, what matters is to find him, before whatever it is happens. Future chapters of Infil 1 will be available monthly here or at Thanks for reading.



Charles Vella's notebook is an accumulating collection of short stories.


Trojan Hearse: A Light Look at the Dark Side of the War on Terror

We're from the government and we're here to help. When Kenny Hangleider is caught in an attack on the AmericanEmbassy, super spy J. Madison Bilby leaps into action. But can Bilby act in time to save the grandson of Tommy, founder and spiritual leader of Tommy'sGridiron Gospel Mission, Bible College and Christian Theme Park (tour buses welcome)? And will Andy Anderson, the president's newly appointed Tsar Tsar,over come his personal loss in time to manage the power struggle between Oskar Kisse and Otto Ruhle? There's only one way to find out.


Now Boarding

Geoffrey was so excited about finding a job that didn't require making change that he didn't ask questions. 'Questions?' his inner voice asked. 'Take the job. Forget the questions.' So Geoffrey did, take the job that is. It would give him a chance to work on his screenplay, "Lisbon". You see, Major Strasser doesn't die when Rick shoots him. He follows Victor and Ilsa to... Never mind. This isn't the right time. Anyway, Geoffrey winds up learning a lot more than how a milkshake machine works, and a lot more than he bargained for. The only question was just how bad a stroke of luck meeting Miles would end up being.


Poor Richard

How was Les supposed to know what these guys were up to? There he was, just a guy earning an honest, well, relatively honest living. Squeaking by, barely, until he met Delilah. But Les's more promising love life raised the burn rate on his modest means to the red line. So when Ira mentioned that a national airline had missed some payments on an airliner, Les wasn't in the mood to ask questions, or even to listen to Ira's vague concerns about the assignment. Les needed the money and the Department of Commerce, or maybe Ira's other, more shadowy, employer, needed Les. That was how capitalism worked, and Les was a capitalist.