Rachel E Rice

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Star Splitter Rachel E Rice

Can a man fall in love with a humanoid and never know what she is until it’s too late? Charles Dorian, is the youngest Captain given duty on the one of a kind space ship, Star Splitter. He’s in charge of a mission to split suns which come too close to earth and the planets holding life in the galaxies. He is devoted to his ship and he signed a pledge to live and die on his ship. The day Jessie sets foot on his spaceship she is eighteen and he is cautious of her because all his attention is now focused on her. He can’t think or carry out his duties and he tries to avoid her and he does for five years. Jessie is now twenty two and five years have passed and it appears that Captain Dorian doesn’t know she’s alive until a fateful day which will change both their lives because of a secret.


The Soul of A Vampire Rachel E Rice

The Soul of A Vampire When Zoey Miller was kidnapped as a young child, she never expected to meet the man whose family stole her innocence. After years of trying to remember that harrowing time she finally realized that the nightmare she tried to remember faded away. All she wanted to be was a normal twenty-one year old and go out to a bar with her girlfriend, but life isn't what you want it to be it just is. On that night her girlfriend died and Zoey ended up in a coma. When she woke, it was three months later, and standing before her a handsome pale stranger who refused to answer her questions. All Sebastian Vesper wanted was to keep Zoey safe and prevent her from finding out about him, and especially his family, who wants her dead. He soon discovers that keeping Zoey safe is not easy.


The Incredible Mr. Black Rachel E Rice

Maximillian Blackstone's gaze washed over Alex's body, leaving him hard, excited, and with an image of him devouring her until she becomes weak and submissive. He desired nothing more than to spend his days inside her sexy alluring body, satisfying himself with erotic pleasures, which only a man with a fetish, and fascinations with S&M and Bondage can understand and enjoy. Alex, as her father called her, wanted nothing more than to have Maximillian Blackstone fall madly in love with her. But she got more than she wished for, and she would soon regret being the object of Mr. Black's affection.


Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf Finds His Mate Rachel E Rice

The moon is full, Wilder’s needs are great. His desire for Adrienne: insatiable. Adrienne, a college student, with too much time on her hands and too little attention paid to her by her soon to be husband, Paul, who wants to wait until their honeymoon before they “consummate the marriage.” She soon recognizes that she has made a mistake when she agrees to marry him just to get a free trip to Hawaii. Wilder, the leader of a pack of Alpha Werewolves with no females, is in search of the perfect mate, one that will sire his pups to increase the size of his pack. One that will agree to be the mate to two other Alpha werewolves—his brothers. Wilder needs a human female, but no human will agree to an arrangement where she’s used only to increase Wilder’s pack.