Kira Blakely

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One Hot Daddy Deleted Scene Kira Blakely

I want to shove her against the wall and f*ck the innocence right out of her! There's just one problem. She interns for my company and we have a no fraternizing policy. As a single dad, I don't have time to get wrapped up in scandal. This is going to be... hard! Imagine my shock, OK, desire, when I stumble upon her in the elevator where I live and find out she's just moved in. I'm screwed! I can't take it anymore. Her firm breasts, peeking out beneath her business suit. Her bright smile, greeting me, making me hard the minute she looks at me. It's too much! This is so wrong. And WTF was I thinking making a no-fraternizing policy? Well, we know which head will win this battle. I've been wearing the good guy hat too long. F*ck being Mr. Nice Guy. Nice guys finish last. I'm going back to


Billionaire's Protest Steamy Short Story Kira Blakely

The boss is in! Who needs to be punished? I wasn't looking for anything when the sassy redhead, Lily Fitz, led a protest against my company. I'm not used to women resisting me. Most women aim to impress me. Not Lily. And now, I can't resist her. I want her. I need her. But how do you tame a wild animal? So, I did the only thing I could. I had her detained.


Owned by the Billionaire Steamy Deleted Scene Kira Blakely

One contract. One woman. One night. When her eyes lock with mine from across the bar, it's game over. She knows it. I know it. Dark eyes, soft lips, and a banging body. Her heart-shaped a*s, framed perfectly in that black dress, makes me want to rip it off and fu*k her right there in the middle of the bar. One-night stands are usually all I'm up for. But she's different. I want to keep her. I want to own her. Forever. So,when I find out she needs my money, I know exactly what the contract has to say. One night. Her and me. She's bought and paid for. But will one night be enough? This is a super steamy billionaire romance where dreams really do come true and a woman finds the love of her life. There's no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!


Billionaire In The Making Kira Blakely

Dawson Some people say I’m a dick. Fuck em. I could blame my foster upbringing or my drug addict mom, but the truth is, it’s not easy being on top. Crushing people in business has become second nature but it also means I’m forced to keep others at a distance. That is, until I met Alexa. Her innocent nature makes me want to dominate her. She works for me and wants to keep it professional - but that won’t stop me.