A.C. Nixon

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Heal Me - Club Surrender Book 1

What do you do when the very thing you want is the last thing you need?

Fascination. Pleasure. Submission.

Depravity is my business, and trust me, its lucrative. The penthouse on Lake Michigan, the women, the cars, the access, all of itthe embodiment of every boys fantasy. Not bad for a kid voted most likely to wind up on death row.

Life is sweet and simple, or it was until a certain voluptuous waitress took residence in my fantasies. Im a man used to getting what I want, and delectable Ryann is about to find herself on the menu.

If you enjoy dirty talking millionaires and a woman ready to take a walk on the wicked side, youll love A.C. Nixons chronicle of love, lust, and adventure.

Welcome to Club Surrenderembrace the pain.


Aching for Home

Introverted flight attendant Veronica Mills had no idea her life would change on a sunny San Diego layover. Six months later, after tons of e-mails and phone calls she gained a friend and confidant.

After months of sparse showers, rotten food, and sand in every orifice, Master Sergeant Joe Sanders needed to persuade Veronica to remove him from the friend zone. The poor woman was about to learn a valuable lesson- never underestimate a Marine on a mission.

If you like sweet heroines and determined alphas, then you’ll love A.C. Nixon’s tale of burgeoning love. Download today.