Rachel Kane

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Work of Art Sneak Preview Rachel Kane

Private eye Derek Marlowe wishes he'd never agreed to hunt down this stolen painting for a wealthy client. He can't tell a Van Gogh from a Picasso. Fortunately, he finds art historian (and sometimes nude model) Theo Stanton, who's the expert he needs. Unfortunately, from the second they meet, Derek finds himself attracted to the younger man. Theo is frightened. The truth is, he's the thief who stole the painting. He can't get close to Derek...yet Theo can’t get him out of his mind. As they work together, his feelings grow, but it could all be destroyed if Derek ever found out the truth. Derek knows Theo is too cultured, too hot, and too young for him. But he can’t fight the attraction he feels. Can Derek and Theo's budding relationship survive the deep secret between them?


Damaged Gods Sneak Preview Rachel Kane

A sneak preview of my latest novel, Damaged Gods!